“Unstoppable” is a feature-length documentary film on the early days of the Hip Hop scene in London

The birth of Hip Hop in the South Bronx in the ‘70s is no secret; scores of books, films or songs trace the path of this powerful cultural movement, born from nothing to conquer everything. Yet, only few know the effect it had on the 1980s British society.

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Unstoppable aims to portray this creative shockwave through the words of those who initiated it. B-boys, MCs, graffiti writers, DJs, producers, journalists and label managers will tell the story of their first encounter with Hip Hop culture, their journeys around the city in search of like-minded people sharing their passion, the inspirations and influences behind their own style, and of how the mainstream music business quickly transformed the scene, making this new music accessible to the masses. Whether it was rapping or breakdancing, DJing or graffiti writing, anyone could take part in this new game and gain respect and recognition by developing his personal skills in one of the 4 elements. It created a close-knit community based on talent, pride, respect, competition and collaboration. It also brought stability and helped coping with the roughness of everyday life. Hip Hop was soon embraced by the youth as a way to express their identity and, at the same time, as a form of rebellion against social marginalization. Through practice and dedication, these youngsters became true talented artists who produced an original interpretation of Hip Hop culture, which permanently influenced Britain’s musical and aesthetical tradition.

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>>> Documentary thematic chapters
Chapter 1

Hip Hop gets to England

Chapter 2

Rock Box and the UK sound systems

Chapter 3

From Local neighborhood to Covent Garden

Chapter 4

UK Rap’s Identity

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    cookie_thumb Mc Mello basil the crew before the 4our Pillars event (The Underdog Gallery, Dec 2012) Rodney P with the crew (Battersea Park, Dec 2012) interview with Rodney P (Battersea Park, Dec 2012) Mc Mello and Ameena (11 Little Films studio, March 2013) Pride, Mc Mello and Ameena (11 Little Films studio, March 2013)
"UNSTOPPABLE - The roots of Hip Hop in London" a documentary written by Giuseppe Pipitone, directed by Lidia Ravviso, produced by Woka and 11 Little Films.