Simon Harris supports Unstoppable

Simon Harris is predominantly known as the founder of the record label Music of Life and writer/producer of most of its extensive catalog of songs, although he is also an influential DJ, award winning producer, remixer of several Grammy Award winning artists and pioneer of electronic music.
Created in 1986 Music of Life became one of the UK’s first rap/hip-hop labels in the UK, initially licensing US products, and then with Harris producing many influential and innovative British rap artists including Derek B, MC Duke, Tenor Fly, Hijack, Demon Boyz and many more…
Simon Harris is down with the Unstoppable documentary and here you can see it’s videobox supporting the project.

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"UNSTOPPABLE - The roots of Hip Hop in London" a documentary written by Giuseppe Pipitone, directed by Lidia Ravviso, produced by Woka and 11 Little Films.