The Unstoppable project originated through the association of two Hip Hop lovers: Giuseppe Pipitone, a published author who has spent the past 20 years documenting oral histories, first of the Black Panther movement, then of Hip Hop artists from around the world; and Lidia Ravviso, an independent filmmaker with a taste for socially engaged topics, who directed music videos for Italy’s most renowned Hip Hop artists. One master’s words, the other images, together they decided to tell the relatively unknown story of how UK Hip Hop established its roots in 1980’s London. The film is produced by the Italian Woka and London based 11LittleFilms: two production companies that follow the entire development of their projects, from script to post-production, guaranteeing a total involvement of their crews. The documentary Unstoppable is thereby an independent, dynamic and international project aiming to reach a wide audience

Giuseppe Pipitone aka / Author

is a lover of African-American history and culture, inspiring and highly recurrent themes of his work. fervently believes in the evocative power of oral history: narratives, images, words, rhythms and moods are constantly chasing each other giving the beat to the flow of his tales. Since the mid-eighties, his researching attitude focused on the rhymes of the MCs from the Golden Era such as Chuck D, KRS One, Brother J, etc opening up for the path to black radicalism which he recognizes as the counterpart of the Italian radical movement. Believer of the empowering and educational power of Hip Hop, since the mid-90s is on a mission, travelling throughout the United States, to interview and collect memories and reflections of artists, intellectuals, academics, prisoners and activists. In 2003, starts a collaboration with the Black Soil International Hip Hop Film Festival Rotterdam becoming an official member of the advisory board. In 2006 his first book, “Bigger Than Hip Hop” is published, followed in 2008 by “Renegades of Funk”, oral and musical commentary on the origins of hip-hop in the Bronx of the '70s and in 2012 by “Louder Than a Bomb” focused oh Hip Hop's Golden Age. regularly writes for Alias, the cultural supplement of the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto. He is currently engaged in an oral and pictorial history project on the Latin Quarter, the legendary NYC Hip Hop club where who was who during the Golden Age made his name, in cooperation with Paradise The Architect (X-Clan).

Lidia Ravviso

Lidia Ravviso / Director

graduated at Cinema Studies, Rome. Since 2000 she works in various TV and Film productions as video editor and she directed two documentaries (Jalla!, finalist at the Collecchio Video Film Festival and Tigers of Guca, finalist at the RIFF) and various music videos, awarded in important events as PIVI/MEI, Wi-fi Art, MarteLive. She explores the videoart and in 2010 with Exit she receives the special award from Festarte – International Videoart Festival, screened at LPM – Live Performers Meeting and RomaEuropa Festival. In 2010 she becomes part of Ladyfest, with female artists and activists from various countries, collaborating at the making of two international festivals. In the same year she founds with other creative minds the Woka production company, producing a movie, three documentaries and some music videos. Since 2006 she is active in international cooperation projects in the Palestinian Territories, working on a/v tutoring and production.

Woka / Production Company

works on both pre and post Audio Video Production, on professional tutoring and organization of a variety of cultural events. Woka was given birth in 2009 through the meeting of show-business creative professionals that aimed at promoting audio visual productions and innovative forms of communication. Directors, audio and video editors, screen writers, sound designers and technicians, musicians and translators all work together on every single step for the production of audio-visuals as documentaries, music videos and short films.

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11 Little Films / Production Company

As a creative film production company, 11 Little Films commits to bring their client's visions to life; translating ideas from page to screen and providing with fresh, original branded content to fit any brief. Be it music videos, short films, or advertorials , we pride ourselves on delivering tailor made, bespoke unique product. Our production office is a one-stop shop – we perform everything in house, from initial scripting to that final, polished edit. As fanatical filmmakers, we channel our passion into producing short, feature and documentary films were intricate stories are supported by innovative, high-concept, sharp visuals.


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The 4our Pillars are the foundation of Hip Hop; each pillar represents one of the following:
Aerosol Art, MC’s, DJ’s and last but by no means least, B-Boys.

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"UNSTOPPABLE - The roots of Hip Hop in London" a documentary written by Giuseppe Pipitone, directed by Lidia Ravviso, produced by Woka and 11 Little Films.